Will Johnstone, Artist

New Paintings from 2019

Cloud Structures are created by defining edges, brush-hammering clouds of color diffusion, then adding and dragging bright or dark contrasts and accents. Cloud Structure paintings are not directly related in imagery or motif, but rather in an ongoing exploration of discovery, resulting in a moment of experiential expression solidified in time.

'Cloud Structure' by Will Johnstone, Artist.

Cloud Structure: Acrylic on stretched canvas, 2019, 24" x 72"

Overview, is a perspective across the universe of time, within sight of potential changes in environments, ecosystems, species, complex and established civilizations. We can not be immune from possible tomorrows of perhaps parched lands descending from barren mountains, the only remaining plant life encapsulated, communities crumbling into archaeological mounds.

'Overview' by Will Johnstone, Artist.

Overview: Acrylic on stretched canvas, 2019, 24" x 72"