Will Johnstone, Artist & Writer, Santa Fe, New Mexico

About Will Johnstone      

I grew up in the north valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico, near the alfalfa fields and irrigation ditches of the Rio Grande Bosque, between the Sandia Mountains and the volcanoes, the Rio Puerco, San Ysidro, Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Socorro, Belen, and the westward stretch of old Hwy 66. I began painting in the colors of the mesas, mountains, arroyos, deserts, rocks, ancestral dwellings, turquoise skies and deep dark blues of nights in which I lived and hiked and dreamed.

  Cloud Structure: Acrylic on Canvas  

For me, art has been my brush with canvas and paint, images into silver, relief into stone, ink onto paper. In this dance of mind and eyes and hands and medium, art is the process of experiential expression, like whistling off of the top of a midnight moonlit mountain or trying to yodel face forward into a strong blowing wind. I do art because it is a challenge into which I can become personally immersed. Sometimes, well, I burn canvases or melt silver or smash a stone. You know: one writes a poem, one scratches off the lines that do not work: how else can one experiment and learn?